These pages are about interrelated German families that immigrated to the United States between 1846 and 1868.  
All of these immigrants arrived in New York's Castle Garden and then set out for German settlements in the interior.
The Klebers and Langes went first to Buffalo, New York.  The Wists and then the Hartmans tried Wisconsin.  
Ultimately all of them ended up in Richardson County, Nebraska, where the Klebers and Wists were part of the Arago
colony, made up mostly of German craftsmen from Buffalo, supplemented by other investors like the Wists. The
Hartmans arrived later, settling in the Barada area northeast of Falls City.

Kin of these families still live in Richardson County, though my branch of the Hartmans left for Kansas early in the
20th century and is now spread out all over the country.

Note: These Hartmans are not related to the Ohio-Iowa Hartmans who married into the Scott family in the mid 1800s.

Hartman Family Migration from about 1846 to about 1880., with cities of settlement prior to  
arrival in Richardson County, Nebraska.
Routes are only approximate.
Hartman Family History
Last updated 29 July 2016