Odds & Ends
For a taste, read the Journal of Cyrus Sanders.    2.3 MB
He's not a relative of mine or my Iowa kin, but he arrived in the
Iowa Territory about the same time as the Hartmans and
Russells.  He was a young, single man, traveling light. He left
Ohio by boat and voyaged down the Ohio and up the
Mississippi, while our people probably traveled overland in
families.  The account nevertheless gives a feel for the time
and place.
"Journal of Cyrus Sanders." The Iowa Journal of History and
37 (January 1939): 52-88.
Reproduced here courtesy of the State Historical Society of
Want to know what Iowa was like in 1839?

Township Grids
(Public Land Survey System)

Unable to find a graphic that served my purposes
as I tried to figure out where family members lived, I
made a couple for my own uses. Thought I'd share.

  1. Township grid with section
    numbers (.jpg)
  2. Township grid without section
    numbers  (.jpg)