Scott Family History
These pages are about a Scott family that immigrated from Scotland to the colony of Pennsylvania sometime
between 1725 and 1735. Their offspring moved south along the Shenandoah Valley to the Carolinas like so many
other Scot and Scots Irish folk. At least one of them fought in the Revolution. Drawn always by the magnet of cheap
land, these Scotts then turned west through the mountain passes to Tennessee, where they stopped for a while
before moving north across Kentucky and into Indiana and Illinois. One of their longer-lived settlements was in
DeWitt County, Illinois. From there some of the descendants spread out to Daviess County, Missouri; Mahaska
County, Iowa; and  finally, for my branch of the family, western Kansas. Others went on to the west coast, ending up in
California and Washington. Along the way, of course, they married into other families: Liddel
ls, Keiths, Cliftons,
Hartmans, and more Scotts.

I will not tell much of their story here. Instead, this will be a repository for some special treasures that should be
shared, as well as what I've uncovered about a few twigs of the tree.

Scott Family Migration from about 1734 to about 1880, with counties of settlement.
Routes are only approximate.


  • The list of people buried in the Old Scotland Cemetery in Daviess County, Missouri, formerly found on
    Rootsweb, is no longer available. A replacement, in some ways more comprehensive,can be found at
            Find A Grave here.
Documents Related to the Scott Family
    Laodicea united the Pennsylvania-Ohio Hartmans with the Iowa Scotts.
       Here are the results of more than two years of research into Laodicea's family.
 Last revised 26 August  2016.  Please check back for future revisions.
             Updated: Adolphus Herndon's name; identity of recipient of Johnson Hartman's letter.

    Between 1894 and 1900, Charles Scott received a number of letters from family and friends in
        Kansas, Missouri, and Washington. Here you will find scans of the originals. Provided
        through the courtesy of Bob G. and Patsy Scott.

   The same letters in easy to read form.

    A little book of the history of the people and events of the community of Cyrus on the border of
        Ness and Trego Counties in Kansas.  Digitized here with the permission of Bob G. and
        Patsy Scott.

     Daisy Baer, Grace La Plante, and Ward Scott drive from Ransom to Port Orchard,  WA,
        visiting relatives and friends along the way.  Then they voyage to Ketchikan and Craig, Alaska,
        with Louis and Willie Jane Scott, in their newly refurbished salvage boat.  

Edited by  Patricia L. Hartman. Updated with minor corrections on 13 June 2018..
Last updated 13 June 2018